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Hi loves! Thank you for visiting my blog (again) and taking the time to read all about my love for swimwear and bikinis in particular! Just wanted to start off by saying that and showing my appreciation :)

Now, let’s talk about this week’s trend post! Triangle versus bralette bikini tops. Very similar styles but significantly different in a couple of ways. I don’t have to tell you that triangle bikini tops are my favorite style, because you can read all about that here and also here lol. But I have to say, bralette bikini tops are really high on my favorites list too! Why? Well, because they look a lot like triangle tops, so duhh, that’s easy. And second, because they make me feel more confident wearing them… Yeah I know! It may sound weird and even hard to admit but I can’t deny it. Only after a few times wearing them I realized that this is a perfect style for me. But what’s really the difference you ask me? Let me explain!Bralette bikini tops | My Bikini MusthavesBralette bikini tops | My Bikini MusthavesShop this bikini here

First of all, triangle tops are – as the name applies – triangle shaped pieces of fabric with thin straps that cover your breasts in a minimal way. Due to the shape of the top and the amount of fabric being used this bikini top style is known for accentuating your breasts and make them look slightly fuller. To emphasize this body part even more you can choose to wear a padded triangle top, which I recommend if your breasts are smaller in relation to the rest of your body.

Bralette bikini tops can also be triangle shaped but it’s not required to be labeled as a bralette bikini top. The term bralette comes from the lingerie world and is being used more and more in the swimwear world because of the growth in demand. A bralette top is actually similar to a bra but without wires or molded cups. It’s lightweight, easy to wear and very comfortable. Bralette bikini tops often have thin straps so this style is ideal for small or medium sized breasts, but not very comfortable for D-cups or bigger.Bralette bikini tops | My Bikini MusthavesBralette bikini tops | My Bikini MusthavesThe pink Ondademar bikini I’m wearing in the main image of this post is a bralette style you’ll see a lot in swimwear collections. It has a wide band for extra support which is also perfect for enhancing the bust for that extra “wow-effect”. What I also love about bralette bikini tops is that it’s a perfect style to wear with a cute summer skirt or denim shorts. With just a regular triangle top I can feel a little naked sometimes when I hang out at the beach bar. But with a bralette top I feel confident and sexy.

You can see from this post that I’m really excited about bralette bikini tops, and it’s true, I have way more bralette bikini tops in my closet compared to a couple of years ago. And it’s definitely a popular style on Instagram too!

I would love to know what kind of top you like better, triangle or bralette bikinis tops? Show your preference in the comment below!

Love Gala


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