Hydro Silk Bikini | My Bikini MusthavesI have to be very honest in this post. A lot of people think since I’m a swimwear blogger and in a bikini on a weekly basis that I’m body hair-free 24/7. Well, that’s not the case unfortunately. I still have to use a razor blade every now and then and I want to introduce to you the Wilkinson Hydro Silk Bikini, which I’m a big fan of. But first let me explain why I’m still using a razor blade in the first place.

Up to two years ago I went to the waxing salon every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of almost all my body hair. But I was looking for a more permanent solution. So I decided to start with laser hair removal. But after a couple of sessions I found out I was pregnant so I had to stop. And since my waxing salon closed in the mean time it was back to the good old razor blade during my pregnancy.

Hydro Silk Bikini | My Bikini MsuthavesHydro Silk Bikini | My Bikini MusthavesSo when Wilkinson asked me if I wanted to try out their renewed products I was more than happy to. Up till that point I tried several brands but hadn’t found the perfect one yet. Now I’m a big fan of the Hydro Silk Bikini blazer but let me quick share my experiences with all their products that I tested.

Intuition Dry Skin
My first thought was ‘wow, it’s huge’. But then I smelled the coconut and almond oil and I was hooked! This razor blade has a soap block attached to the razor so you don’t need any shaving gel, which is a big plus if you ask me. You would think that the soap block would make it harder to shave but actually the opposite is true. My legs were so soft after shaving that I didn’t use any body cream. That was a new experience for me!Hydro Silk Bikini | My Bikini MusthavesHydro Silk Bikini
This is my go-to razor blade at the moment. What’s new about this razor is that the 5 blades of this line contain the innovative Hydra-Renew Serum, a concentrated serum with shea butter, which is activated when it comes into contact with water. And like I said at the beginning of this post, I didn’t get rid of all my body hair so the trimmer is a big bonus.

Hydro Silk
Just like the Hydro Silk Bikini, this razor blade has 5 blades and the innovative Hydra-Renew Serum. It has a more simplistic design and is easy to carry with you when needed. Even my boyfriend tried this one because his shaver was broken and he had an important business appointment. I’m not sure if he likes it that I’m sharing this with you, but the important thing is that it passed the test :)Hydro Silk BikiniHydro Silk Bikini | My Bikini MusthavesQuattro For Women:
If I have to be honest with you (which I am, always) this was my least favorite razor to use. I think the reason for this is that is has 4 blades. After testing them all, I definitely noticed difference in the number of blades. So I would always advice to use 5 blades instead of 4. But the Quattro For Women also comes with aloë and vitamin E for super soft legs.Hydro Silk BikiniBefore I used the Hydro Silk Bikini I hated to shave my legs. Because it takes forever and I always have to double check if I didn’t miss a single hair. But with the Wilkinson razor the job is done in a blink of an eye because the blades are sharp and effective so you don’t have

Of course I’ve tried other brands before, brands that are sometimes even higher priced then these ones, but I always go back to Wilkinson. I will start my laser hair removal treatment soon again so hopefully in a couple of months I won’t be using a blazer at all anymore. But until that time I make sure I have my Hydro Silk Bikini with me everywhere I go!

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Love, Gala

This blog post was made in collaboration with Wilkinson.